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A Front & Backyard to Love

When they purchased their home, Shannon and Ryan loved the inside, and hated the outside. A sloped lot, covered in dying trees, odd drainage, and a driveway too narrow for their SUV's, they needed a refresh so they could enjoy their lawn with the kids.

This cozy, welcoming entryway is perfect!

Liberty Landscapes created a new concept design that blended modernity with their Colorado home and incorporated the unique lot. Focusing on the front yard first, we increased curb appeal and maintenance ease by adding a river rock border with native grasses. These grasses only need to be cut down annually before a frost, and produce happy, tall plumes each year.

There was a large raised planter in front of the house and along the front driveway the customers would hit it while pulling into the garage and it confined the space too much. We added the stepping stones along the front driveway to give that additional space space to get out of the car and also extended the driveway to give them more parking space.

Path lighting was also installed to create an easy-to-see route to the front door.

Above, the concept design for the home. Below, the finished product.

In the backyard, areas were designed for eating, relaxing, entertaining, and playing with the kids.

Liberty Landscapes pulled out dying trees, replacing them with evergreens, which will grow taller over time and provide an excellent privacy barrier from their neighbors on all three sides. A newly poured patio was created on a curve, so it looked natural and warm against the hilly landscape. The patio with a pergola was refurnished with comfy sofas and string lights, creating an excellent outdoor dining area for summer nights.

To complete the project, a pathway from the front to back was built, with a new fence installed by Denver Fence Co.

The beautiful new lawn has irrigation, and its slope helps keep the surrounding plants watered.

New fence installed by Denver Fence Co, with pavers, stone, and lighting designed and installed by Liberty Landscapes.

This beautiful seating area is a great place to unwind on summer nights and enjoy family time.

We are so happy Shannon and Ryan trusted Liberty Landscapes Co. with their Centennial home, and can't wait to work with neighbors nearby!


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