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A Custom Deck & Low Maintenance Hardscaping

Not everyone loves their neighbors, but Marian and Steve do. Their mid-century home sits on a cozy cul-de-sac with neighbors and kids all around the same age, who enjoy catching up while the kids play outside on summer nights. While all their neighbors had friendly, big patios to crack open a beer on, Marian and Steve didn't.

They wanted to change that, while also creating a front yard that wouldn't fall into disrepair when they escaped to the mountains for an extended weekend.

The solution was simple: create an elevated deck surrounded by warm rock features, granite boulders, and native plants that brought personality, but little need for ongoing maintenance to their front yard. Gold river rock surround the patio and stairway

The result is stunning!

Marian and Steve now include their deck in the nightly neighborhood shindigs, and the tall trees framing their home provide excellent shade so their suburban oasis can be enjoyed all day long.

Keep scrolling for photos of this beautiful project!

As time goes by, these native grasses will grow taller, provide color and privacy.

The backyard's addition of a walkway from the sunroom to the hot tub makes a perfect path for Steve's evening soaks.


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