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A Wood-Burning Fire Pit, Patio, and Mountain Views

This new-build dream home had almost everything our clients needed: mountain views, a backyard facing open space walkways, but it was missing a backyard they could enjoy the outdoors in.

A stone paver backyard patio with crushed a gravel border and a wood-burning fireplace overlooks the frontrange in Littleton, Colorado

Liberty Landscapes was able to bring this small project to life and making a small space feel massive. The first step was to create descending steps on the sloped land leading from the front drive to the backyard. A paver patio lined with rocks added elegance to this intimate space, without leaving too much need for ongoing maintenance or weed control. The patio was positioned in the West corner of the yard, maximizing the front range views.

A yard overlooking the Colorado mountains with green grass, a fire pit and patio.

Surrounding the fresh green sod grass, a rock border features skyrocket juniper trees, which over time will grow taller and wider, providing excellent privacy between yards, while preserving stunning mountain views.

To break up the space and provide visual interest, two sizes and styles of rock were chosen to create a beautiful side yard with dimension and movement. Larger river rocks create a gentle break in the side yard and are surrounded by table top blue crushed gravel.

Firepoker plants in a bright orange and yellow.

Bright "red hot fire poker" plants provide visual interest, a brilliant splash of color, and attract pollinators. As perennials, the homeowners will never have to worry about replanting these beauties for color spring through fall each year.

A special detail included in the yard is the south-facing native blue spruce trees, which our clients specifically requested so they could be dressed up for the holidays, delighting neighbors who walk or drive by their yard.

Lawn chairs surround a fireplace created by Liberty Landscapes.

This wood burning fireplace is the ultimate summer hang out spot!

Grey River rock is surrounded by blue gravel

Granite boulders give a touch of Colorado and help provide visual interest along the fence line along with native grass and trees.

Skyrocket Junipers border the yard, creating a natural privacy fence.

These fire poker plants return year after year for beautiful color.

The backyard designed by Liberty Landscapes with a paver patio, fireplace, patio chairs and a green grass yard.

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