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Pollinator-Friendly Plants for Colorado Gardens

It's no secret that Colorado's dry and sometimes aggressive climate can make it difficult for flowers to bloom and lush landscapes to thrive. However, there are beautiful plants that are both drought-tolerant, and friendly to bees and butterflies, which will keep your backyard or front yard garden looking beautiful and colorful from spring to fall.

Grow catmint and lavender!

Catmint is native to Europe (Italy, specifically) and thrives in dryness. Though better known by its kitty-friendly name (catnip), this beautiful flowering plant produces blooms May through August, and attracts lots of pollinators with it.

Catmint is also a perennial plant, meaning it will return year after year, bringing your garden life and color, and it's pet-friendly! If you don't love the idea of catmint, consider planting lavender, which is just as durable, smells amazing, and returns year after year.


Fun fact: Colorado used to be the largest producer of carnations in the world. From 1863 until the 1970's, millions of blooms were grown annually, and sold all over the world. While Colorado is no longer known for growing carnations, you can! The bright, happy flowers come in a variety of shades, and love Colorado's soil, temperatures, sunshine, and limited water.

Consider shrubs!

We particularly like the Golden Vicary Privet, a bright yellow shrub when planted in sun, and more green in the shade, it can handle Colorado sun, and produces little white flowers every year. It's a welcome pop of color in any yard, and one of our favorite border plants.

However you want to decorate your landscape, we are happy to share our expertise to ensure your plants thrive all year around.


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