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Thoughts on Landscape Lighting - Is it Worth it?

Landscape lighting at a home in Greenwood Village.

Landscape lighting, though often overlooked or seen as an item that can be eliminated easily, is actually one of the best investments you can make into your yard.

Landscape and exterior lighting made homes and properties 36% safer, according to a study conducted by New York City's Housing Authority. While lighting helps illuminate paths, trees, planting, and your home, it also helps ensure homeowners have eyes on all corners of the property, deterring break-ins.

Landscape lighting illuminating lillies and evergreen trees.

In addition to safety and security, exterior lighting extends the life of your outdoor space. Instead of enjoying a space during daylight hours, landscape lighting improves the usability of a yard in the evenings. Whether it's through string lights, timed flood lights, path lights, or plant illumination, the additional light can go a long way in making your yard a place you enjoy in the heat of the day and the cool of the night.

We are always happy to sit with our clients and review the benefits and costs of exterior lighting so they can make an informed decision when planning their projects!

Beautiful uplighting created by Liberty Landscapes for yard in greenwood village. Path lights illuminate granite boulders, a fence line, and native grasses in front of the home.

Images property of Liberty Landscapes Co.

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