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A Backyard Putting Green to Remember

This project was a lot of fun!

When our client came from Highlands Ranch to us wanting a low-maintenance landscape with a practice putting green so he can always be preparing for golf season, we knew we were set for a great project.

A wide shot of a tan house in highlands ranch with a putting green and tuft lawn surrounded by evergreen trees.

And, it all centered around this turf putting green for endless hours of practice.

After grading the landscape, we prepared our beds for rocks with a generous paver border and paver pathways for easy maneuverability around the property to our client's fence.

A round grassy lawn with tan paver border surrounded by green shrubs.

Evergreen pines were planted around the fence line so as they grow they will provide a natural and eco-friendly privacy screen from the neighboring homes.

Grass traditionally hogs a lot of water, but our golf-loving client really wanted to reduce water usage. We opted for two types of turf to emulate the golf course. Since turf lawns can be negative for flying insects and pollinators, we were sure to include native grasses that will grow tall and attract flying bugs and give them a safe place to land.

Golfers backyard with a two hole putting green surrounded by rocks.

A gray square stone paver path in a landscaped backyard for low water usage.

To maintain the trees, a drip irrigation system was installed beneath these beautiful river rocks.

We love how this putting green in the backyard turns a small backyard into an enjoyable landscape that's gentle on the environment, but full of personal and unique details.

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