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Spring Check list for Colorado Folks

Spring in Colorado is a special time, as we all know. It's both beautiful, and fleeting, and as we've all witnessed this season, the snow can keep on coming in surprising ways. We figured it would be helpful to share a few tips to prepare for Spring for our Colorado folks!

Tip #1 - Wait to plant

We know. The weather is warm. The thermostat is tipping towards the 60's, and you just want to be outside in your yard. Don't take those fool spring days as a promise for planting just yet. We don't recommend planting flowers, new plants, trees, or anything else, until after Mother's Day.

Wait until mid-May or later to get those plants in the ground! You'll thank us later.

Tip #2 - Prune your trees

The best time to prune trees is right after they've started to bud so you know what part of the tree is already dead, and not coming back. Be careful of any blooming branches you want to keep, and snip away old growth or dead branches so it can thrive. Don't forget to wear eye protection!

Tip #3 - Consult with a landscaping company

If you've got a big vision for a summer landscaping project, be sure to contact your preferred landscaping company now! You're not the only person thinking about a summer spent grilling and relaxing in the yard, so get your request in early so you can line up your project for summer.

Tip #4 - Check your gutters

Since spring is notoriously rainy and wet, be sure you have gutter extenders and clean gutters so water is flowing away from your house, and not collecting near your foundation, garden beds, or anywhere else you don't want it to. Water running up against your house can cause major problems down the road, and we want to ensure you don't have a nasty surprise waiting for you.

Are you ready for spring?

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